Researcher on newsstand preservation

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Above is the last page of our research paper on Vanishing Newsstands with hand-written comments by the research committee.  It says: “Novel ideas, concrete research conclusions! This program has the potential for further development and applications. We recommend submitting this research program to the municipal level appraisal.”

Below is the bilingual abstract of this research:





The newsstand has been a business which marked the particular culture of Shanghai. However, as the Internet develops, the traditional usage of written media has been crushed, and it is increasingly difficult for newsstands to survive. Some owners of newsstands have been forced to run them as grocery stores, selling daily necessities, deteriorating newsstands’ original cultural value. In an attempt to avoid their “extinction,” Jing’an District tried to reform the newsstand, adding modern technological outfits such as huge LED screens. Nevertheless, this reformation has brought little impact, and the cultural value of newsstands is hardly reflected. Our research starts from this seemingly ineffective reformation and analyzes the possible problems and potential solutions thereof. In the conclusion, we will propose a new direction in which newsstands could develop to gain an irreplaceable role in the information age. It could be defined as “a city culture center” or “a platform that publicizes the Shanghai style.” Namely, the traditional “red pavilion” outfit should be sustained, and it should be designed to sell souvenirs and city exhibition tickets, etc. We hope our research can help newsstands flourish and revive, and preserve the collective memory of a Shanghainese generation.


A Computer-generated art amateur​

I finished my first sketch work in Grade 9. It was a portrait of Cheney Chen, a famous actor in China. My friend Alena was a fan of his, and I completed this work as a birthday present for her. Since then, I have been charmed by CG art and began to practice sketching on the computer.





Collage, diary, planner, sketchbook, lifelog…all in my #Hobonichi Techo#

‘I have been a Hobonichier for 4 years. It’s a routine for me to spend half an hour or so per day creating a page in my notebook, Hobonichi Techo. I post photos, receipts, and stickers. I write notes and inspirations. It records my life and transient feelings.


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“When I look into your eyes, I see the whole universe.”

— Los Ojos de Julia

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Cyan ores & Auroras

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Movies, Colors & Magic

—what I was expecting then for New Year.

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Girls N’ Roses 

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Head in the clouds